They say that writing is re-writing. How long does it usually take you to write a play? A year? A month? A week? Or less… Forget the drafts and script development sessions and dare to simply write, putting entirely your own voice on the table. How easy is it for you to let go? Allow the director and actors to give life to your story without a chance to make major changes. Celebrate your craft alongside 4 other competing writers.

On the night of July 2nd you’ll meet your team, receive a theme for your script and have a 90 minute idea development session. You’ll head home (or wherever you work best) and have the night to write a 10 minute script for 3 actors. Sending it off to the director in the morning (or as soon as you’re done!) you’re free to join afternoon rehearsals- or simply nap and roll up to the public performance later that day! Sounds challenging? Go on, trust your instincts. Be a writer for The 24 Hour Play Scotland.

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