A great stage manager is worth their weight in gold(!) and such shiny beings require an extensive mix of skills: quick-thinking, negotiation and time management, alongside patience and resourcefulness- to list just a few. Having the skills and knowledge is one thing, being confident about them is yet another. And confidence comes with practice. Participation in The 24 Hour Play is a perfect opportunity to flex those skills; a time-limited situation with a band of new people.

On the night of July 2nd you’ll meet your team and be part of the creative process from the very beginning. A briefing will provide you with a detailed timeline of places and relevant contacts, plus introduce you to your dedicated team technician. Next morning you’ll receive your script and be at the ready! A conversation with the director might prompt a prop and costume hunt in local charity shops, expensed with an assigned budget of £50 which you will manage for your team. You might return to the rehearsal room and call lines- whatever you and your team decide. At the end of the rehearsal period you’ll lead a 20 minute technical rehearsal in preparation for the evening’s performance. You’ll be in charge of smooth running of this exciting and challenging project. Be confident! Be ready! Be a stage manager of The 24 Hour Play Scotland.

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