In the majority of cases directors choose their texts. They want to tell a story that’s stirred their hearts and minds. They choose collaborators, immerse themselves in research and think, imagine, rehearse… That’s how it should be. But every now and then, in the reality of life as a freelance director, they agree to direct a play that hasn’t yet been written- with a cast already chosen, or even to direct a play they don’t necessarily like. In that reality being able to not only survive but to thrive, a director needs to hone their skills. Luckily that’s exactly what participation in The 24 Hour Play offers.

You’ll meet your team and other participants for a 90 minute development session on the evening of 2nd June. With writers beavering away through the small hours, you’ll be presented with your play next morning, with a couple of hours to mull it over and chat with your designer and stage manager. You’ll meet with your actors (who in that time will be familiar with the text) for daytime rehearsals, leading to a 20 minute tech and culminating in a public performance at the end of the day!

They’ll be no time for extensive research. Your decisions will be intuitive and you’ll be spared over-analysis and a feeling of doubt- there simply won’t be time! You’ll have to take risks and trust your instincts, as well as your collaborators. Be adventurous! Show off your leadership skills! Be a director of The 24 Hour Play Scotland.

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