Whether you’re a costume or sound designer, participation in The 24 Hour Play will provide an excellent opportunity to work quickly, to trust your instincts and perhaps to try something new. You’ll be responsible for the overall design of your team’s production, working closely with the director and stage manager. We welcome your natural focus in costume/sound/set/lighting, but if you’re up for covering a range of design elements we won’t stand in your way! If you’d prefer to stick with what you know, that’s fine too.

This is a hugely collaborative project in which all team members, under the leadership of a director, will be able to contribute in any way they are able or willing. A budget of £50 (managed by the stage manager) is available for costumes, props or whatever ideas you’ve got cooking.

After meeting your team on the evening of 2nd June for a 90 minute development session, you might use the morning of Sunday 3rd to hunt for costume and props, amid a sea of charity shops or a handy car boot sale near our venue. Due to the nature of performances- where the changes between individual plays are going to be quick- we can only allow simple furniture, such as tables and chairs (available at the venue) and hand props. All lighting equipment is available although we advise, having only a 20 minute tech rehearsal, that you stick to maximum of 2 washes and couple of specials. We have a PA system in place to play any music from laptop or CD and there’ll be technicians around to help in any way possible. Be bold! Be inventive! Be a designer of The 24 Hour Play Scotland.

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