Actors often have weeks to work on a character they are to play. They create a life for their character, sleep on ideas, rehearse scenes in a number of ways and have plenty of time to memorise their lines. Not quite the case with this concise project. Here you’ll have to make decisions on the spot, trust your intuition, your director and fellow actors.

After meeting your team at a 90 minute development session on July 2nd, you’ll receive your part and lines from your director next morning! You’ll have a couple of hours alone to familiarise yourself with the text and to begin memorising your lines, before meeting for daytime rehearsals. So you’ll need some self-discipline to work on those lines after breakfast! Breathe, break it down. A 10 minute play for 3 actors works out at roughly 3 1/2 minutes of lines for each actor- feasible! Be intuitive! Be an actor in The 24 Hour Play Scotland.

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